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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mistakes in advertising that we always do

Article written by Carlos Martins (Owner and Manager of Domains International)

Every time we deal with advertising one the big mistakes we made (whether individuals or companies), is to advertise our products or services ONLY in social groups that pertain to our business or business category. For many of us, the road is simpler and faster, we need not perform this advertising effort in groups that are not related to our activity. This implies less audience and therefore fewer customers.

We do not need to give an example only. This happens in all social groups, with almost all members who belong to these groups.
Taking an example with a certain group: is there any member who is responsible or owning an e-commerce or business web site such as clothing or cosmetics that joined a social group created and managed by artists or designers or whatever? And the question immediately arises: why advertise if these groups are intended for artists or designers?

The answer however is simple: groups being generally open to the public, why not advertise a clothing or cosmetics site into a group of artists or designers? Any of these groups didn´t spend money with clothes or cosmetics? Would not be interested in knowing that there is a clothing or cosmetics web site that is offering them something special (a discount coupon for example), only for members of that group?

However social networks did not ONLY exist for the formation of groups of professional or business and therefore the groups should not be watertight. Instead they should issue their posts in other groups particularly when it comes to advertising their products or services.

The same happens or must happen with blogs. Why to advertise only on blogs with the same business or interests?

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