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Friday, February 22, 2013

Dear Potential Business Owner

If you are like me, you've searched the Internet over and wasted lots of time and money with "get rich quick" businesses that turned out to be schemes. I've always wanted to start my own business that was LEGITIMATE and HONEST (and not a "pie in the sky" fairy tale). Well, I did it! I've officially started my own home business as an affiliate with SFI (Strong Future International). Here are some of the reasons why I decided to go with SFI:

    * Their parent company has been around since 1985.
    * It's free to get started.
    * They're in over 190 countries worldwide.
    * You can do everything from home on your computer.
    * 24-hour support.
    * Free training and free Website.
    * They're growing rapidly and there's lots of money to be made.

    There's nothing to lose and everything to gain here, including more time with your family and more money in your wallet. It's well worth looking at SFI and investing in your future with us. For more information, see www.sfi4.com/12228604/FREE.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

CreditInvestors.com was sold

After a long period finally this premium domain was sold through Network Solutions (one of the Afternic´s partners).
Generally we don´t reveal the amount even when the buyer do not asked us to do it.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do you want to increase your traffic and make money?

There are hundreds if not thousands web sites to promote you make money easily clicking this or that. Well, if increasing traffic is one of main factors to make money (as you are also attracting potential customers to your web site and pages), a website where you can increase traffic and promote your banners is a good option to you. Of course needs some work on a daily basis, if you upgrade for a dozen of bucks even better and they are not asking you hundreds or thousands.

We are testing this and maybe you can try it too:

You are completely free to subscribe or not. But if you make the right decision you just need to subscribe, then choose the free or upgraded program that match best to you and just choose some of your own banners and place it there. They rotate the banners for other users to click and certainly you will check your web site increasing traffic.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Are you a philanthropic businessman?

Google Tech Talks March, 5 2008 ABSTRACT "A revolutionary charity." -- Oprah Winfrey "This new philanthropy system is turning traditional philanthropy on its head." -- ABC World News Tonight "I encourage everybody to go on and make donations...let's make a difference." -- Stephen Colbert "The results are powerful." -- BusinessWeek "I think the capacity to expand is infinite." -- Bill Clinton DonorsChoose.org's Founder and CTO will introduce the org, and discuss this example of real micro-philanthropy in action through the lens of the site's transactional data, usage trends, web marketing, user generated content, and underlying technologies.

Read the entire article at Golden Foundation and take a look in other articles, videos, photos and other features.

If you are a philanthropic businessman and need to have your own web site with a golden name, why not to buy the domain GoldenFoundation.com now for sale following the link above. If you are not sure about the price to offer just make an offer over $150 (like a bid if you were in a auction), and we´ll respond immediately to your offer.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Do you need credits?

Are you seeking a good name for create your own web site on Finance focusing on credits and financing on debt consolidation?

Our domain name NeedCredits.com is a premium domain and is for sale (we are professional domainers, our business is selling and buy domain names). If you want to get some details on the temporary hosted site, please take a look at http://www.needcredits.com.  The negotiation and transaction will be direct and you can use phone or email to contact us.

After you enter the site, see the details of appraisals and term frequency on Google to get an idea of the value and how many times this term (need credits) is clicked on Google. If you are interested to buy it please click at the top right when it says "fixed price: $350", complete the form and submit it. We´ll receive your form and immediately we contact you with our approval or counter-offer if your price do not match with the price we ask.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


We are from now the owners of the domain BankrupcyFinancing.us that will be for sale next November 2, for a very cheap price. American Businessmen take a look on this name - BankruptcyFinancing and understand what we mean: the possibility and financial advantages of creating a website with these two keywords Bankruptcy and Financing in your mind.

Google Monthly Global Search Results: 34,100,000 Visit the domain at www.bankruptcyfinancing.us.

November will come very soon. If you wish to book this domain, please send us an email to domainshouse@gmail.com and we promise to keep it for you.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Google+ for Business (Get this ebook on HubSpot)

If you need to improve your knowledge about the possibilities Google+ offer for Business, read the ebook published by HubSpot.
You can get the ebook totally free at http://blog.hubspot.com
In the meanwhile do not forget to share the page with your social neworks pages.

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