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Friday, September 21, 2012

Do you need credits?

Are you seeking a good name for create your own web site on Finance focusing on credits and financing on debt consolidation?

Our domain name NeedCredits.com is a premium domain and is for sale (we are professional domainers, our business is selling and buy domain names). If you want to get some details on the temporary hosted site, please take a look at http://www.needcredits.com.  The negotiation and transaction will be direct and you can use phone or email to contact us.

After you enter the site, see the details of appraisals and term frequency on Google to get an idea of the value and how many times this term (need credits) is clicked on Google. If you are interested to buy it please click at the top right when it says "fixed price: $350", complete the form and submit it. We´ll receive your form and immediately we contact you with our approval or counter-offer if your price do not match with the price we ask.


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  2. Hi
    If you know someone from yur coleagues or friends interested to have a web site on the same theme, please let him/her know about our offer price.
    In the meanwhile if you want to publish a short article with a banner to your site, please let me know replying to this comment or emailing to domainshouse@gmmail.com. We just need the article and the link.
    Thanks and best regards
    Carlos Marttins
    Owner and Manager of Domains International
    Owner and manager of NeedCredits.com